A Touch of Spring

IMG_6490The ‘summer-like’ weather -transient though it may currently be – has provoked a late surge in impulse bookings. I pray the gods of nature reward guests with a blast of spring sunshine. Tonight we (cat, dog, friend) shared a chat with a neighbour running by (one of the few not training for the Kirkcudbright Half-Marathon) while drinking a glass of vino in the late evening sun. Such a simple pleasure – made all the more so in these times of troubled economy ..and weather to match of late.


The largest of the deciduous trees around our garden perimeter – beech, maple, horse-chestnut – are showing a misty layer of unfurling greenery..while the early-flowering cherries (the Beyonce’s of the tree world) are singing out spring for all the world to hear…dressed in their various pink and white froth – like the corps de ballet on a green stage. Some new, very tall tulips in a huge pot are encouraging me to imagine swathes of them planted throughout the borders like a swaying crowd of football fans in the stands. I will plant them in colour graduations, as with others, and then no doubt nature will move ’em around to her liking. I bow to her better judgement.

IMG_6475On a day like this – I – and several other incurable romantics the better for a few glasses of wine – can’t help but imagine a country wedding taking place here. What’s that old saying… spring turns a womans thoughts to love….? Perhaps Beyonces song is phrophetic…maybe …we ARE “crazy right now”. Larglea’s resident young female cat Ika…would likely agree. Is the catnip in flower yet? If not …Ika must have been on the razzle…IMG_4771


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