Broughton House

Broughton House was the home of E.A.Hornel – an enigmatic and very successful artist…who bequeathed to Kirkcudbright one of the most exquisite of the many gardens in these here parts. The National Trust has made it available to allcomers…and besides holding a wildly varied and energetic programme of events – it can even host your wedding.

A passionate team of welcoming staff and volunteers ensure it is one of the top attractions in the town – drawing visitors from all over the world to view its many treasures. Amongst these are paintings, ceramics, fine furniture, the biggest existing private library of books on Dumfries and Galloway – and a garden that takes the breath away. 

Hornel’s visits to the Far East not only provided evident inspiration for his work as an artist but also meant he joined (and probably influenced in turn) the many artists who made, or collaborated on, the so-called “English-style” of gardens. Clearly so-called by people with an even less well-developed sense of navigation than myself – since such influences were to be seen all over Britain and further afield. 

I could wax lyrical (well, that’s what I like to call it) about Broughton indefinitely – but you’d be much better off speaking to the folks there. It inspires huge affection .. when my son left for university – I told him that when he thought of me and imagined me at my happiest – it would be in Broughton House garden – wandering it’s many secretive paths. Oddly (in this sense) he went on to work and live permanently in Japan, marrying a beautiful Japanese girl last year. I feel especially close to them at Broughton. I’d love to share it with you.



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