The Distracting River Dee

The Distracting River Dee

Out along the ever-lovely River Dee this afternoon, on a mission to collect materials from which to make natural dyes; and start conducting (undoubtedly fiendish) experiments in printing fabrics. I was, as usual, happily distracted from most of the thoughts and concerns that get between me and actually being productive.

So under the auspices of a post in the category of “Crafty Business” ..check out the following for a taste of the creativity on offer in this neck of the woods. The region’s favourite magazine #dumfriesandgallowaylife and Samba band #sambasisters. #gallowaycountryfair #callygardens #carswellschocolates

Lastly..Larglea House has – for nearly two years – resembled the world’s largest Battenburg Cake..due to an unfinished exterior paint job that rendered (funny) it partly lilac grey/primrose yellow. I was often tempted to balance things out by painting sections pink. I’m delighted to announce (as if it wasnt obvious) that all is now the desired lilac shade – blending nicely with the wisteria bursting out all over.

I wont be in the least bit surprised if google, or some passing alien spaceship, doesnt complain about the loss of a landmark by which to navigate.


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