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By now you will have noticed an undeniable love of nature and all things plant and garden led about this blog. Returning from two years living in Arabia at the age of 9 – I’ve never got over my wonderment at encountering the leafy Devonshire lane down which we walked from the railway station to our new home in Galmpton, on the River Dart. Which is probably why I feel so at home here in Dumfries and Galloway.

The global problem of excess CO2 is one that could occur as difficult to tackle as the task of eating an elephant. I’m priviledged to be part of a “think-tank” contributing to the work of Mark Hibbert – who is forming LiveEco – to take on this issue…

Mark says ” Co2 levels have risen from 270p.p.m (parts per million) pre-industrial revolution (in 1750) to 400p.p.m currently. This is a surplus of approx’ 1000Gt. (Gt = Gigatonnes = 1 billion tonnes) which will continue to rise.

CO2 is a RESOURCE – used in various industrial processes – and – without it’s presence, earth’s temperature would be around 33 degrees colder, rendering it unsuitable for life.

Additionally, CO2 is a potential source of carbon – increasingly useful, for example, in the production of graphene – a material of high strength and having remarkable properties for storing charge. CO2 can be broken down into carbon-monoxide and oxygen, which combined with hydrogen produces a fuel – reducing our need to find fossil fuel sources – a major source of CO2 emissions.

To mine just 1 tonne of CO2 requires moving 1.3 million Msq of air. A challenge to both our creativity and inventiveness – this problem requires an innovative and radical shift in thinking.

LiveEco are up for dealing with this challenge – with play, fun, ease and commitment. If you are interested in learning more – please contact me on:

Thank you!….”



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