Weddings in the Woods and Other Ethereal Events


The week began a Saturday ago with a lovely wedding in a garden in the woods somewhere near Creetown. It was the hottest day of the year here at the time. Being a hands-fast wedding, it was ad-ministered (!) by an eccentric figure in a t-shirt and kilt, who’d built the altar from a rough-hewn tree trunk, within a circle of pine branches, on the lawn.

The hot breeze teased the brides red-gold hair into more long curls. The bridegroom serenaded his new wife on a guitar. We onlookers watched, somewhat sleepily – due to a prior excess of sun and champagne.

I’m so lucky to have attended a wedding that left me feeling like I’d been at a very romantic summer festival.

..and the weekend just got better, and better.


Then it just got surreal…

As I stood in the street in Gatehouse-Of-Fleet (ooh rhyme alert) a woman cheerfully asked if I’d like her to take my photo in front of The Ship Inn. With a very straight face she introduced herself as Susi The Faerie. We both fell about laughing at the incongruity of the meeting. Susi runs nursery classes for young children outdoors in the local woods. The Faerie will shortly be interviewed in a blog post near you.


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