Fisher Kings


Sitting by a river estuary recently, a sudden warm updraft carried with it a strong smell of the sea. So potent was it – probably imbued with extra power by memories of growing up on the Dart Estuary – that I have felt drawn towards the sea, every morning, on waking, since. The Fisher king in the above photo is a Heron. Luckily he took exception to my arrival – and hence acrobatically took flight, on cue, to camera.


Given a tight schedule tonight, I made do with a wander of a mile or so to Cumstoun Bridge. Here at a bend on the Tarff River – only a few hundred metres from the confluence of the Tarff and The beautiful Dee – there is, tucked behind the bridge -a secretive set of reed beds. Home to many birds – reed bunting among them (figures, huh?) Their lovely song is once heard, never forgotten. I was lucky to bump into a stranger on the bridge – who generously gave me my first sighting of a Kingfisher – apparently one of four fledglings – through his binoculars.He had piercing blue eyes (the man, not the kingfisher) which gave the impression he’d been a birdwatcher for aeons. He passed on a shedload of info’ on where to find other rare, and even rarer birds – whose imminent arrival along this coast is sending enthusiasts flocking, all a-twitter apparently..Looks like the coast is a good move. Soon.

march april 2008 185

My loose plans to head for the sea (and a couple of invitations to head north) at the weekend, were overtaken by other events … However, as the sea isn’t going anywhere last time I looked…all it takes to make me happy is sunlight on water (however fleeting).. I reckon it’ll be there waiting for me – and you – when we get there.


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