Where There Was Once Only Gravel…

Where There Was Once Only Gravel...

Where there was once only gravel.. When I first came to Larglea – the purpose of it’s grounds was dedicated to the needs of a much-loved horse. Since then, a great deal of blood, sweat and tears has gone in to the making of a garden that gives pleasure all year round.

There is evidence that the garden’s boundary of tall and unusually varied trees may have been planted at the behest of a local benefactor in the late 1800’s. These are certainly the providers of the richly fertile soil in the woodland-type inner edges of the plot. More to follow..


In a rash (very rash) moment approximately five years ago while looking out over some bare grass, and a redundant curving drive of deeply embedded gravel of at least 50 years provenance..I made a sudden decision to surprise the gardener (in his absence abroad) with a newly installed gravel garden. One that would contain only ‘golden’, fragrant, and evergreen plants. My idea was to create a garden that would remind him of summer in his beloved Himalayas, and provide an antidote to his depression in the winter months. There were several problems:- I’m a small woman and I would be on my own for six weeks.. extra family muscle being on it’s way to more foreign parts – Japan.. and, well, south of the Watford Gap. If the ‘project’ was to be a surprise..this would be a large task. What’s more – the drive proved un-diggable (I tried).

Well I’m nothing if not stubborn..and a designer. Hmmm. Puts finger to chin. Function – fabrication – form.. and off I went. To be continued.


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One Response to Where There Was Once Only Gravel…

  1. Larglea gravel garden today is indeed fragrant and golden.. not only to look at and smell the fragrance of flowers and trees. It’s also deeply relaxing there to let fragrant and golden thoughts go through your mind while listening to wind blowing in the trees and wild birds well fed singing. You can sit in a beautifully placed whicker chair by the Buddha. Remember – Liz saw a wild deer jump over the fence into the garden one day! Recommend Larglea Bed and Breakfast Scotland.

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