Orange Sundays


Orange Sundays:- Beginning with these fine fella’s – Sunday took an orange turn of events..

I woke with a kind of slowly-emerging wanderlust. Via a takeaway cappucinno, and acquisition of yesterdays Saturday Times -from the dear people who keep it for me, no matter how late I arrive.. I embarked aboard HM Fiat Punto for a journey to who knows where (or who cares where?). Said news paper purchase usually prompts the addition of a bottle for the evening ahead; but I’d had a better offer.


Still, there were other comestibles to pur- chase..and
It’s amazing who you meet when you stop off for your organic fruit n veg’. I didn’t know what this bike was, except for vague notions of a KTM SuperDuke I’d read about recently. In my 20’s I briefly flirted with the idea of taking an engineering degree – however since the pinnacle of my maths skills was reached when it took me a day to work out the formula for an elliptical table I was tasked with designing.. a skill which was only surpassed by my successfully knitting an Arran sweater once .. I feel I probably wasn’t the best audience for the subsequent bike-speak which took place. Being a designer who would design just about anything I was asked to, and a long time appreciator of ‘bike-lines’ ensured an enjoyable chat followed, nonetheless.

Orange peppers thus acquired – they make great soup when roasted and added to carrots/butternut squash/sweet potato – it was back on the road with Elbow blaring out of the speakers and the windows rolled low.


The rest of the day was spent on an idyllic drive, in glorious sunshine, following my nose – fitting in a trip of around 140 miles or more. Liberated by absence of a map..closing with meeting an old acquaintance somewhere near Peebles.

Via a pub complete with an orange glow about the edges.

We walked on the “beach” (river -bank) where nature ‘tango-ed’ us .. having orang-ed an appropriate sunset. Yes I know Peebles is knowhere near the sea – the actual photo was even more indistinct. I’m claiming artist’s licence.


I was missing my daughter, who had visited last weekend from her home in Ireland, along with her cheery, mischevious and no-nonsense disposition… so with no apologies – here is a painting of her, by her great – and unsung – friend.’re a great painter. Thank you for this – one of my favourite images, of one of my favourite people:-


Even if I haven’t learnt how to rotate it yet. (Or found the original image). Gimme time. It’s worth the crick in the neck to view meanwhile.


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