Meteor, Boulder Or Thing Of Beauty?


Meteor, boulder or thing of beauty..

I’ve heard that nature abhors a vacuum – but I wasn’t expecting this sight in the clearly ancient field boundary I found on a recent walk in the local hills.

I have a mind that can quite literally link aliens, rocks and aesthetics..usually to the detriment of my intention to focus on what is actually required. However, I often enjoy the resulting mind ‘trip’.

I’m sure, if I could be bothered to ask, that the tree-bound boulder above didn’t get there by itself. I can only imagine that either some Scotsman capable of tossing cabers, or a host of burly goblins were responsible. I like to think it was the latter. On some blue moonlit night – as happened two days ago – worse the wear for a drink or two a’ Bladnoch Whisky – said unruly group hurled the boulder at the tree to impress a local, rosy-cheeked goblin gal.


Walking up the lane from Larglea, my imagination runs riot.. As shown above – it would be hard to guage, from a photo’, the size and scale of the flora and fauna. Here goblins or giants might hide. The leaf – left foreground – is over 600mms across.

There are more than 50 varieties of wild flowers and plants in this lane alone. The wider landscape is a treasure-trove, inviting exploration.

Life sometimes tosses us an unexpected ‘boulder’ – around which obstacle we would really rather not have had to navigate. The choices are either to choose to be crushed – or to grow stronger, and take a new route. With time, the results can be surprisingly beautiful.

Which has given me the idea for a future post on the subject of the renewal and regeneration of textile mills, and thus also of the Borders towns I re-visited recently.


Right – that’s me off to explore the lane, with the, by now you’ve guessed it, customary glass of wine. After the above metaphorically-challenged statement, you are forgiven for thinking ..”Aye, she’s awready been at the bottle”. See you soon – complete with over-active imagination. Soon to be chanelled (further) in an altogether new direction. Take That One Direction!

Ouch. Even I’m wincing.


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