Wine, Women and Chocolate


Wine, Women and Chocolate..

One of the advantages of living in Dumfries and Galloway is the abundance of fine chocolatiers available. Two of the best are Carswells Chocolates and The Cocoa Bean Company. ‘Cocoa Bean’ is Larglea’s closest neighbour..and has a great cafe, and adventure playgrounds, indoors and out.


Rocky Road Choc’s from Cocoa Bean..

Tonight I’ll be joining some friends for a house-warming party. Amongst said friends will be one of the owners of Carswells Chocolates – a connection I regularly exploit.

Having so many (yes there are many more than two) chocolatiers around doesn’t make for easily keeping off the recently lost weight.. and that’s without the ice-cream-makers, and the vast range of other organic foody delights available.

Still it’s worth it to get back into dresses I haven’t worn in 30 years. The biggest advantage is my ‘wardrobe’ is now in parts officially vintage.

Didn’t cost a thing. All I had to do was hang around a bit.

…and the ‘Women’ of the title..?


What can we say? No-one did ‘Woman’ better than this.


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