Written On The Landscape..


Written On The Landscape..

This years upcoming Wigtown Book Festival invites you to embrace Galloway’s great outdoors. Search out a secret castle. Take a wild swim. Share a gourmet campfire supper. Cycle lanes under one of the world’s Darkest Skies (it’s official).

Your visit could include hearing a former storyteller from NASA (NASA have storytellers???) reveal an intriguing love story …Joanna Lumley speak of J.M.Barrie in the landscape where Peter Pan was actually written…or Melissa Mohr revealing the history of bad language in Holy Sh*t :A Brief history of Swearing.


No falling asleep under a table..you’re in danger of missing a good and unrepeatable event (and possibly swearword).

Since Wigtown was chosen as Scotland’s National Book Town in 1999 there are now more than a dozen bookshops and related businesses to visit here.. playing host to an eclectic range of events. Out in the surrounding landscape you can watch an Audrey Hepburn movie under our own Dark skies ..get sticky-fingered with Scotlands highest hope for The Great British Bake-Off as James Morton shows how to make mouth-watering bread and cakes..while families can attempt to bring the whole universe into Scotland’s smallest theatre using a tennis ball and a wastepaper basket. Go. Figure!

Visit http://www.wigtownbookfestival.com or call 01988 403222.

Larglea House is approx 25 miles from Wigtown following roads with breath-taking coastal views. Enjoy!


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