Friends In All But Name


Friends In All But Name..Larglea is home to many creatures – among them Dillon the Yorkshire Terrier/Jack Russell cross dog, and Ikamara the cat, whose ancestry would seem to cross Boudicae with Cleopatra.

Ika’ likes to spend roughly 50% of her time asleep on a cushion and the other 50% lying up under an overgrown rhododendron in the nearby lane. Here, having already decimated the mouse population, she lies in waiting for the newest generation. Except when we distract her by taking a walk.

It’s not long however before she gets bored and throws herself in front of the non-plussed Dillon – who is then usually reprimanded by me for doing what comes naturally.. ” Dillon – where I come from sniffing a lady’s rear end (usually) gets you a swift belt from a handbag that’s likely to outweigh you.” Just saying.


It’s clearly only humans who segregate themselves according to entirely fabricated notions of what is right/wrong, good/bad/, appropriate/inappropriate. How stupid we are to deny ourselves the wonder of an unexpected friendship. Without judgement or expectation.


Crumbs Ika – I’m sure if you give him THAT look – he’ll behave! I would.

I suspect this is one friendship that will last a life-time. Or nine of them – in Ika’s case.


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