A Beating Heart


A Beating Heart.

Every morning when I wake I try to work out the type of day it will be from the tiny rays of light around the edges of the blackout blind.. with the calculation of a photographer and the excitement of a child.

Most days it’s possible to take a satisfying shot, if not in the wider landscape – then here in Larglea’s lush gardens. I have been out at dawn watching young herons in the wild, but in reality not that far from a morning coffee.


I have seen this countryside in every possible variation of light and weather. I now know where to head to catch the kind of light I need. I have stood still in the woodland above as snowflakes swirled and danced around my head. I have seen it frosted like a sugarcake, and noisily dripping in flourescent emerald green in the sudden sun that can follow a storm.


I have come to a sudden halt in a forest, holding back my companion to prevent him treading on the tiny mouse – no bigger than his thumbnail – charging across our path with no apparent awareness of our presence.

I have driven along a road that seemed to be moving ahead, like a river of mercury – only to find that a ‘sea’ of frogs was migrating across it, lit by a silvery evening sun.

Landscape belongs to no-one. It will outlast us all. This is a land that surprises me every day. It makes my heart beat faster. Come and look for yourselves. I guarantee you’ll love it too.


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Designer, photographer, writer.
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