Still-Life.. With Feeling.


Still-Life. With Feeling.

A photo’ that resembles a still-life painting. A view through a glass urn, through a window on a garden beyond. As a photo it’s a ‘still’.. a moment of time and light captured.

When do we do that with our thoughts, feelings, memories – take a moment of complete stillness to simply enjoy the image or sound present; the memory that may arise, the blank canvas ahead on which to paint the future?


If a dog can do it? Apart from when sleeping – this is the only time he is still. Sat on my lap, looking and listening.


Stock still in a favourite spot – the wind carrying the sound of the yacht’s masts, furled sails, and rigging, making a special sort of music.


Getting out of a car, in the middle of a journey with a deadline, to register the depth of the blue sky and the speed of the clouds. For no other reason than that you can.


Plunge through the undergrowth, follow the overgrown path. Find an unexpected place with a surprising view.

Be still – if only for the moment. Look. Listen. Remember. Love.



About largelyhelen

Designer, photographer, writer.
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