Friends – With Benefits


Friends – With Benefits

That’s the problem with holidays. Way too much time to think.

There are times when you get back off holiday and you’d think you were talking to a giraffe for all the sense the ‘real’ world makes.


On a recent visit to Dublin zoo – part of a special birthday treat courtesy of my daughter – I got to thinking about the relationship between humans, and animals … and the use of language. (Ok – I also gave some thought to food, whisky, and having a good time).

Whilst it is often difficult to accept animals being in captivity .. Dublin Zoo is magnificent. The beauty of the landscaping – and the attention to providing a safe and natural environment for the animals – is the best I’ve ever encountered. Using the word ‘encountered’ .. so David Dimbleby. I wish.

Although the young Orang-Utang above was in sore need of a sibling playmate.. there were otherwise so many babies of all varieties that it’s clear the environment provided is a nurturing one.


So while these two heron’s re-enacted a scene from Big Brother…


..and the male Horned Rhinocerus had run out of parental patience..


I assert – fiercely – that in the case of Dublin Zoo at least – being an animal is to be protected and loved. This is a place where no expense is spared in educating us into the wonders of our world..and as such encourages new generations to take on the difficulties of saving them.

A place where – in this case – being an animal means having Friends With Benefits.

Ireland is a short ferry trip from Cairnryan (50 miles along the A75 from Larglea House) in south-west Scotland.


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