Light, Camera, Action


Light, Camera, Action

Harnessing the strength, quality, and direction of light is essential in having photographs (and artwork) convey what the photographer or artist intends. Whether its evening light on a harbour or a walk in woodland – my main aim is always to convey what it felt like to be in that exact place at that particular time.


Moving around with the camera can have the available light fall so as to create an effect or pattern that wasn’t at first apparent. A new angle makes itself available. Sometimes making something out of what you feared was nothing.


The loneliness of the young orang-utang in need of a friend at Dublin Zoo accentuated somehow by the reflections of the trees.


Leaning in close and low allows the sun to highlight the patterns of the old watermill in Gatehouse-Of-Fleet.


From the weekend bonfire by the Water Of Leith in Edinburgh..


To a rainy O’Connell Street in Dublin..


Chasing the light can take you to places you would never otherwise see. Go off-road with your camera..

Courses in Composing With Light for photographers (and artists) will begin at Larglea in 2014. I look forward to throwing some light on your subject. Even after dark.



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