Using What You Got


Using What You Got (Photography Tip No:2)

Even a perfect day won’t reliably deliver a usable photo. After freezing various ill-clothed parts of the body I’d rather retain use of – I resorted to the time-honoured Thomson method of Using What You Got.

First up – two handy seagulls.


Kirkcudbright Harbour needs no assistance to be on the right side of beautiful. Point. Click. Simples.


Handy heron brings life to otherwise sleepy estuary.


Bird on rock worth two in bush.


Taken from cafe window above car-park. Doesn’t get any more cushy than that.


Then nature hands you a flooded grove beside the layby. Quick pic’ and a bacon sarnie. I wouldn’t say no, thanks guv.


Glass of rose’ (computer not bi-lingual) leaning on railings on Portpatrick Harbour. Seagull conference optional.


Before wine takes effect – line up fishing boat with obedient cloud. Nice parking guys. Yes, I know it’s not called parking.


If you can’t get a ‘perfect’ shot – at least enjoy yourself.

What else is a perfect day for?

Here’s to Using What You Got.


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