Reading Between The Lines


Reading Between The Lines

Although I am an artist &designer by training and practise; I am a largely self-taught photographer – propelled by a life-long obsession with
capturing the effects of light and weather on landscape.

Whatever our level of expertise or self-belief – we all need encouragement from time to time.

My daughter – then aged 19 – wrote the following poem for my 50th birthday. It’s as encouraging and inspiring to me now as it ever was.

I hope you like it too. Remember – training is wonderful and useful – but what makes a photo’ memorable is the “You” contained within.

Otherwise – it wouldn’t be unique – would it?


Your Own Rendition

Translucent beads of water shudder down the lens of a camera,
The vision before you is as transient as the weather,
In seconds your beautiful picture will be gone and the light and movement
that made it live have passed.
You do not pause but snap immediately as soon as the perfect shot slots into place before your eye.
The golden tips of leaves glow as if singled out by the sun,
Autumn rain-clouds divide the sky into a mangled chequerboard of dark grey and brilliant warming light,
Dark trunks of trees that hold the secrets of their age, stand starkly out in the foreground,
Their age is a key to their beauty, gnarled limbs and wrinkles in the bark are only more stunning as they twist and deepen.
If only we could age so gracefully.

You have always lived to recreate the beauty of the world onto canvas,
Your own rendition of nature’s unparalleled ability to create the perfect landscape.

Take pride in your ability and your work.
There will only ever be one you, one chance for you to show the world your vision.
So shoot it, fearlessly.

Lauren G. Thomson


About largelyhelen

Designer, photographer, writer.
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