Interview With A Reindeer

Interview With A Reindeer


In a week when life ran the gamut of emotion from exhaustion to exultation – the weather, too, decided to flex it’s muscles.


A beautiful dawn – reflected in Larglea’s east-facing windows – heralded a flurry of light snow in the forest.


Sometimes the morning confirms the previous night’s suspicion, that no matter how you have tried to stay out of deep water – you have inadvertantly landed deep in the proverbial crap. What’s more, those around you persist in believing you did it, not only with purpose, but with actual intent. In this is best to actively seek out that which alerts you to the absurd in life and which restores you to humour. (Assuming, in your temporary ‘angst’, that you can still remember how to spell it).


On reflection we can see that life’s “curveballs” need not necessarily be caught. Someone said “If it’s for you – it’ll not pass you by.” I find this piece of twaddle oddly reassuring.

Having spent the first half of the week in the environs of the nation’s capital – it was a surprise and delight to find that Marco Pierre White’s first restaurant in Scotland was to be opened (yesterday) at The Aston in Dumfries 25 miles from Larglea – how could I not have previously known this majestic, red-sandstone hotel existed? I met the famous chef – who was gentle, and gracious – in contrast to his reputation of old.

It was a sparkling event and the restaurant will add to Dumfries growing reputation for great gastronomy. I plan to start every Christmas season this way – and will be dreaming (and drooling) over his steak and ale pie in suet-crust pastry – until I eat it again.


Today, in this glorious walking country, a red squirrel (by the size – a very young one) ran across my path, while a red kite wheeled and looped above. Thoughts turned to wintry weather ahead…. and a trip to Castle Douglas, to stock up on nuts and birdseed – and a little Christmas shopping.


Vying for space in the car-park was this fine specimen from the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, seen here stocking up on calories and studiously ignoring his celebrity status (fan club of toddlers with mobile phones).


A simple, calm, and satisfying day…catching up with old friends over a coffee or two. Just what the doctor ordered. Although.. if the doctor had seen me conducting my Interview With A Reindeer..she may have had to pause for thought. The Reindeer’s viewpoint on the festive season?

“I’d rather be out in the wild; where I belong.”

As would I.


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