See’s, Shoots, Leaves


Sees, Shoots, Leaves

Sometimes when armed with a camera you fire off shots in a hurry, randomly to make use of fading light, to make the most of time left available, or simply for the love of it.

When reviewed these can provide a good few giggles, if not a usable image.

Here are a few such shots that make me smile. Always a good thing.


Crikey, looks like someones knitting unravelling. Everything but the kitchen sink. Although I’m sure my learned engineering colleagues would let me know everything here has a place in Kirkcudbright’s busy working harbour.

Not that this will be stored in any other than the “Random Nonsense” file


Who left this b……. great cross in the middle of the road?


This shot manages to make the trawlers look like they are leaning backwards whilst straining against the – clearly non-existent tide.In very boring weather, and with no visible light or contrast. Clever.


Here – while the patterns made by the tree reflections are at first glance interesting – the flat light and shapes would no doubt leave anyone viewing filled with an overpowering sense of doom. Horror – writers apply for use here.


Finally … this didn’t quite manage to convey the classy image of the vintage car rally I was aiming for nor did it capture the size or scale of some of the beauties displayed in Kirkcudbright’s Harbour Square a few years ago…. however it does make me smile.

Not the shot. The car.

My recommendation?

Never.. See, Shoot and Leave.


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2 Responses to See’s, Shoots, Leaves

  1. springingtiger says:

    A little judicious cropping, vignetting on the car rally, and most of these have something worthwhile. The problem is that the eye filters out much that the camera includes, that’s why God created Photoshop.

  2. springingtiger says:

    A little judicious cropping, vignetting on the car rally, and most of the photos have much to offer. The problem is that the eye applies filters the camera doesn’t, it’s why God created Photoshop!

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