Landscapes On My Mind

Landscapes On My Mind


On the wettest of days, cameras can’t easily operate .. and there is nothing for it but to dream of getting out there in the wild.

So here is some of the work that gets done in the studio.

It’s always interesting to see the differences between landscapes that derive from a camera; and those that travel the route of eye, brain, and hand.


Scotland’s watery landscapes have long held me spellbound, and in a funk as to how to best represent them.

On a dreek day what else can you do but experiment..


Cant wait to stretch the paper and begin. Life is good.

Tonight there’ll be a blog about some of the very special characters who people this wonderful region.

People whose commitment to building a remarkable business ( The amazing Jacquies Beauty Salon in Dumfries ) are the very best example of what keeps the lifeblood of Dumfries and Galloway effectively and beautifully as the many rivers and estuaries of this land.

This land that I love to distraction.


See – The Heart Of The Matter – new post later today.


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