True Colours


True Colours

These two words have been rolling around in my head for a good few hours.

I love exploring the way language is used – and how the same (almost any) two words can be interpreted differently. What is ‘truth’ after all? Humans created language to describe the otherwise indescribable. One person’s ‘truth’ is another’s anaethema.

Colour is another matter altogether. It can only be seen when an object contains the properties (or not) that enable it to be seen – something a photographer spends a lifetime learning.

On the way to coffee with a friend, I emerged from the shaded woodland lane – in which I had snatched a few shots – to the sight of a Red Kite flying so close to my car that I almost swerved to avoid the intense flash of colours revealed by the sun on it’s underbelly.

The ‘true’ blue of the sky’s backdrop made for a scene almost too beautiful to take in.


Sometimes you can’t see the car (or the wood) for the trees.

Light and colour can suddenly illuminate a normally shady, corner.
Showing us the true colours at the centre of the ‘black’ and white poppy.


In this year there have been visits to hidden lochs – whose depths reflected a colour so intense, I held my breath till I caught it on camera.


..a late summer’s day spent exploring and laughing – a deep shared love of adventure and nature. A great picnic. Salty spray and a deep, deep blue sky.


Beauty is more than just skin deep – it is to be found in a daughter’s laugh and loving support. In a mad scramble through a thorny thicket to see the future site of her mothers’s next house in a place you can’t even find on a map.


In the face of the cheeky wee leprechaun that sneekily had this Irish Band sing me happy birthday in a packed Dublin pub..


Firelight glowing on the faces of a group of friends. Burning wishes on scraps of paper and singing as the ashes carried our thoughts on the wind.


News arriving from Japan of a first grandchild to be born to my son and daughter-in-law – a thought to cheer even the most wintry and colourless month of March.


This has been a colourful, and gorgeously unpredictable year. I don’t regret a moment.

Words have been spoken. Sometimes we say ” they showed their true colours”. Truth – or just words? It’s the listener that chooses the meaning – and how they will act.

It takes courage to walk forward, and also to walk away.

This year , as ever, lives, and loves, have been found and lost.

Many, many photographs have been taken, many new friendships have been created.

There’s a mad New Years visit to be undertaken – where many a new cocktail will be invented and tested – all in the company of some of the loveliest people on this planet.

Life has shown us it’s ‘True’ Colours.

Have a wonderful life in your new year.

Love, Helen.


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