Pushing My Luck

Pushing My Luck

march april 2008 196

Christmas and Boxing Day being the accurately predicted only two days of calm sandwiched between winds high enough to bring most of Britain to a halt.. I felt very annoyed to have lost the first 24hrs photography to a low-grade migraine. Boxing Day lured me from sleep, promising a few hours of clear skies before the evening storm ahead.

First put the washing out..

Scan 23 - Version 2

Correct…that’s Venice. Who wants to see my washing?

The conditions were interesting enough to make it worthwhile setting out, even though I normally avoid photography mid-day for the general lack of contrast available.

On the high road to anywhere you like.. for the new year ahead looks like a blank canvas from a Boxing Day perspective..but I was pushing my luck weather-wise.


Many stops along the way via the Urr Valley – where ancient settlements have long awoken to drifting mists and silver ribbons of water, when it isn’t fully flooded ..and where I will walk this spring, I vow.


It was gratifying to have timed arrival at Kippford to coincide with a space at the bar of the Ship, and an obligingly opaque set of clouds obscuring the hills, and dulling the water sufficiently to allow time for an ice-cold cider and a pair of smoked-haddock fishcakes.It was good to catch up with a few friends I wasn’t expecting to find there too.

Getting back to the business in hand..I have so many of the well-known views of Kippford in the photo bank already – so I wasn’t going to allow myself any leeway. I don’t care if there’s photoshop and a delete button. It’s no fun if you don’t set yourself some challenges. No pressure.


While this may look like a sunset – it’s well short of one – being the first shot taken on emerging from the pub mid-afternoon.

There were other shots I will save to illustrate further posts on working with low light and minimal ‘props’.

As an illustration of the difference in atmosphere between the exquisite and sleepy Kippford Estuary, with it’s emphasis on the yatching crowd and accompanying tourist trade..
here is an abstract shot of Kircudbright Harbour. Equally beautiful, equally sought out by tourists.. and home to one of the few remaining Scots fishing fleets.


Something that’s even rarer than the Scottish Wildcat ..or hen’s teeth.

Some behave as though there is a competition between
Kippford and Kirkcudbright. There should’nt be.

Each has a unique place on this glorious coastline. It’s a lovely place to be.

No contest.


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