True Colours: The Sequel


True Colours: The Sequel

New Year spent in a beautiful house and garden in the Pentland Hills.. and there is much colour to be found. Some of it to be expected – the fragrant winter-flowering Witch-Hazel, Hamamelis mollis above, with it’s curious twisted flowers.


I appreciate seeing the true-blue of the out of season perennial cornflower, Nigella.. in midwinter, growing in the shade of a golden holly. It serves to remind me that all circumstances eventually improve and that summer is not just a promise. Some things are constant as the changing the song goes.


Colour of extraordinary depth is to be found in the ivy, climbing estate walls, down lanes through sunlit hill villages..


In the subtle tones of the pods and cones on a winter wreath, seeming to recall the fruitfulness of the autumn past, and that of the seasons to come.


Vibrant quinces (leftover reminders of messy moments with the preserving pan in friends kitchens) surviving the high winds battering the kitchen garden wall.


‘Honesty’ is beautiful in all stages of it’s life, and never more so than when, paper-thin, it hangs on in there – through torrential rains, and storm-force winds.

When sunlight shines through it’s silvery seed-heads – it’s true beauty is revealed.

Much like honesty in life – it endures, and illuminates a dark corner.

True Colours: The Sequel.


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