Estuarine Curves

Estuarine Curves

A visiting alien doing an inter-stellar degree in human nature might be forgiven for thinking that curves of the female gender are the only sort that excite human interest.

Advanced studies would lead to evidence of inspiration in sculpture..






None of these however, can match the curves of an estuary.

20140108_113316 2

This tributary.. reflects sky of a blue that Da Vinci would have struggled to paint – even with pigment of pure-ground lapis lazuli.

All, right here, in southern Scotland. In January.

Nature. Art in the flesh.

With curves.

Estuarine Curves.


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One Response to Estuarine Curves

  1. M-J says:

    Helen you are right about capturing the sky color with pigment of pure-ground lapis lazuli. Stunning photo too! Such a beautiful place to visit and enjoy. Great post! M-J

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