Borrowed Landscape


Borrowed Landscape

My children have made lives for themselves in new lands and cultures – Japan and Ireland – and it’s all I could hope for that they would have such confidence and sense of adventure. The distances between us only bother me if I let ’em.

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Still, from time to time, I can get overwhelmed by the logistics involved in maintaining contact – actual physical contact – rather than the kind (thankfully) provided by skype… and now that the family is expanding with the first grandchild expected in March, this is a requirement..and not just a wishlist.


2014 may only be a few weeks old – but it already has an adventurous ring to it. Now that even the cat and dog are grown up – I’m free to pick my adventures, and my risks.

So I’m gonna ‘steal’ the phrase “Borrowed Landscape”.



It’s a landscape-gardening term. Put simply – it means – if you don’t have a great view from your garden – design it so that the view beyond your garden boundary becomes a part of your garden. E.g: shape a hole in a wall/or hedge to show a view of the hill/lake/oak tree in the landscape beyond.


So ..from now on.. I’m going to treat Japan and Ireland – and everywhere else – as Borrowed Landscape. That is, just beyond my garden wall, just around the corner.

Not the ‘far side of the world’. After all – the world is round, not flat. Which means, for me, that distance may be counted in measurements of time or length – but there is no distance that can keep a family from each other.

So I’m on a limited budget (aren’t most of us?).
So I’ve got responsibilities and commitments (haven’t we all?)
So I’m at the ‘rear’ end of my life.


So – what. It’s all a matter of perspective. If I make it difficult – it’ll be difficult.

I once innocently said.. “Your house is the same distance from mine, as mine is from yours.”
Accidently, I got it right, for once.

So – I’m coming to a landscape near you. It’s already in the planning.

Borrowed Landscape.


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