Winter’s Veil

Winters Veil


Winter has a simple kind of beauty. In one sense less is more. Strong colours stand out against frost and snow. Simple forms and structures get a chance to shine.


Flowers blooming only in winter are seen in stark relief against an absence of others.


Silvery grey lichens – the colour of a winter’s sea – cling to tiny branches looking like sea-foam along the shore.


Ghostly forms appear, and disappear, searching out the food nature has secreted. It is easy to see how myths and legends are formed at these mystical sightings.


In the darkness of the forest, in the winter garden, in the loneliness of the night – it can seem as though light, beauty, colour.. will never spring to life again. It will.

Winter’s Veil will lift.


About largelyhelen

Designer, photographer, writer.
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4 Responses to Winter’s Veil

  1. Dalectables says:

    What beautiful pictures…

  2. Hello Helen,
    Dropping back in to let you know that I included you in my “Joyful Reads for the Weekend.” Here’s the link: Thanks for such a pretty post about winter!

    • helenlarglea says:

      Thankyou so much. Lovely of you .. been very busy on some new photography and an exhibition -but hope to catch up with some of your content soon!

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