Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction


When I first passed my driving test as a young woman, I was intoxicated by the sense of freedom, of being able to go anywhere I liked. It seemed as though the world was connected by one great chain of roads. All it took to travel anywhere and everywhere was to start the engine – mirror, signal and manoueuvre. Chain reaction.


In the intervening years, while I’ve hit the road in every family driver-capacity possible – I still feel the same. These days there’s always a camera on tow.


I think most regular local drivers are getting used to me stopping randomly
and snapping away at some curious light effect that has probably appeared only to me and my imagination.


So I confess I love roads. All of them. From a tiny winding lane disappearing across dark moorland. To a sleek shiny motorway, snaking it’s way from county to county.


The only obstacle to be negotiated is that of maintaining concentration while driving, at the same time as scouting for light effects and locations.. and staying safe – myself, and, for others.


This therefore is a pictorial Ode To The Road.

No apologies for subject matter will be issued.

Besides – one day, this same Chain Reaction may lead me to you.


About largelyhelen

Designer, photographer, writer.
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