On A Glow Slow


On A Glow Slow

It’s a funny time of year..

Time for reflection on the year past – which had more of it’s “fair” share of downs in amongst the ups.. and I haven’t even mentioned the weather yet. It was a great summer, but unfortunately autumn, and especially winter, have wreaked an unfair penalty – seemingly worldwide.

Here in Kirkcudbright – the boat crews have had a hard time getting out.. and there will no doubt be more “curfews” to come.


I have been dealing with a lot of issues ‘across the board of life” .. and have found the last few weeks in particular both exhilarating and draining in equal measure. This year I promised (myself) would be one of upheaval. A strange choice of word you may think – but I know that I often get stuck in ways of thinking – by trying to be ‘noble and dutiful’. In reality, whilst I might manage some kindnesses and ‘good deeds” along the way – time and thought also need spent on furthering my own aims…or I just end up exhausted, being a martyr, and end up still bemoaning what I was bemoaning at the previous years beginning!


So I’m up for some upheaval – ‘cos I reckon I’ll need up-heaved out of the sorry, old, squishy comfort zone of a sofa I’ve got myself embedded in.


What’s that got to do with the Glow Slow of the title? Well..while I’m aiming to go fast forward with some completely new skills (e.g: just had the 2nd of my first ever motorbike lessons, in pursuit of passing my test asap) I also intend to balance new risk-taking with some of life’s slower pleasures and pursuits. Most importantly, I will look after my well-being – so that it supports the rest.

Someone famous – was it Rudyard Kipling? – said “… take the time to stand and stare.”


As I stand and stare, in my Glow Slow, I may just notice when the darkness of the winter turns to light.

.. And experience it through more than – just – the lens of a camera.


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