Clear Sky, Clean Slate

Clear Sky, Clean Slate


This clear sky was unexpected; and I’d normally shoot off with camera at high speed. But after a restless night – I need a coffee and breathing space to decide on a direction. Let’s see where the ‘flow’ takes me.

Several ongoing legal and business decisions/situations have been resolved this week .. and this has in some senses created an open space – a clean slate if you like. There is excitement in not knowing where the future lies.

The only thing we actually have any control over is how we interpret the world (and how we interpret the actions and the words of others). We can – essentially – ‘make’ life easy, or hard for ourselves. We cannot predict or control how others will respond to what we tell them. No matter how careful, direct, truthful, or loving, we are.

Creating expectations (which by their very nature are ‘fixed” expectations) only leads, inevitably, to disappointment.


..Not the most interesting of ‘shots’ but it shows the force of the storms and flooding that have completely buried my favourite footpath along the estuary. Not a clean space.

Sometimes all you can do in life is clear out as much of the literal and metaphorical clutter (okay I really meant crap) as you can; and trust that that clears out space for something new to emerge. I somehow think this may be connected with it being winter, and outdoor activity options being restricted or – in some parts of the world – battered by the force that is nature.
As the lovely lady of the blog Living Simply Free says – I may be getting very close to cabin fever”..!


So .. on a damn fine day for a walk – yesterday – I hitched a lift into Kirkcudbright – and walked back home along the river. There were drifts of snowdrops under the trees – their strength, and simplicity of form lifting my spirits, as always.

Although I’ve already seen the effects of the small tsunami (no disrespect – I have family in Japan) along here.. I was unprepared for the size of some of the flotsam and jetsam. As I am in life! I suspect ‘tho that these huge trunks were not washed up .. but have been cut and dragged from the perimeter of the footpath.

The views, however, were beautiful, the air as still as a dog waiting for a treat, and the song of the birds, thankfully, louder than my thoughts.


The sun turned everything to gold in much less time than it has taken the alchemists of old..
My spirits soared as I sorted my thoughts .. and realised, not for the first time, that the balance, and the risk in life is.. to say what there is to be said with courage, and with clear intent.


Then sit back and .. let it be.

Thank you, John Lennon.

Clear Sky, Clean Space


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2 Responses to Clear Sky, Clean Slate

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Simple but meaningful friends, greetings compassion 🙂

    • helenlarglea says:

      Thank you so much Gede (I am not sure if that is how I should address you). Humans have a great deal to share with each other if we would only listen, dont we?. I am very glad to meet you. Helen

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