Love – And Other Weather-Related Topics


Love – And Other Weather-Related Topics

Two emotive subjects. Love, and the weather.


Us Brits’ joke daily about the weather. As Frank Sinatra once said.. “If you don’t like the weather in Britain, just wait a minute.”

Well, currently we don’t like the weather in Britain (most of it). As a country I know we are not alone in this.


The beautiful sunset is a punctuation mark between one storm and another.
As with love – it fires up, it flashes like lightening, it clouds over, it soaks you in thunderstorms of tears.

In love there are silver-linings to the clouds. Beauty, sometimes, in the breakdown.


I would not, however, for one moment, attempt to create an analogy between this and the suffering and bravery of those dealing with weather-related disasters worldwide.

Like the weather .. being prepared for how love will show up, and how you deal with it – has limited success.

With family especially, I’ve been the cause of some unnecessary thunderstorms.
However, when I love – it is – to paraphrase the song, ..”as constant as the changing weather”.
Which is as constant as it gets. A weather forecast from me you can depend on.

Just so’s you know.


For my family, friends and other loved ones.
You know who you are.


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Designer, photographer, writer.
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