Hyperbole, Hot-Air, and Hope

Hyperbole, Hot-Air, and Hope


The H-words. Well, three of ’em, anyhow.

I know I’ve already mentioned that I love playing around with language – second only to walking on beaches.

These three H-words have been rolling around on my tongue for a week or so. Today they met up in a cafe.. found they had something in common ..and set in motion the nucleus of a blog post.

The first two have similar definitions: Hyperbole – a deliberate exaggeration used for effect (Oxford Dictionary). Hot-Air – Seemingly heartfelt invective/arrogant argument intended to persuade/convince others in debate. (No dictionary definition found).

So far 2014 has delivered an inordinate amount of both -in the public, and private domains.


We, ‘the public’ have been subjected to everything from – ever more imaginative and desperate attempts to influence policy in the favour of the politicians (I know – shock, right?) to zoo-ilogical authorities using science as an excuse to kill young animals.. and each seriously underestimating the level of public outrage building as we listened to their moneylender-in-the-temple type diatribe.

In the personal domain – I was recently made aware of someone circulating gossip, grotesque in its inaccuracy. Some of it directly related to me and people I love…and clearly intended to throw petrol on a fire. Some people are very adept at raising the temperature.

As with most, if not all humans, my first instincts were to retaliate – I ignored them. I’ve learnt that time and patience will cast a clearer light on the matter.


Then I confided in one reliable friend – only. I did not allow myself the indulgence of continually repeating what was designed to upset.

I began to feel calm.. and more peaceful than I had for a very long time. I realised that I had been wasting time trying to bend a situation to fit my ideal of an outcome. I had to consider I’d been naive, and too soft-hearted. I could see that I had allowed myself to be led up a particularly long garden path..and without a camera to capture the view, dammit!

May 2008 012

At that moment, two completely different – and unexpected things happened. I burst out laughing at my ridiculous sense-of-humour failure..and chose.. that no-one else’s opinion of me gets to determine who I am. Yup. People with a soft heart still possess a backbone.

…and the third H-Word? There’s hope for me yet!

Now back to the real business of this blog – sharing the beauty of this area in words and images. Of which – more to follow. Until then – I intend to enjoy life.


Paintings by Jack Vettriano: represented exclusively by Heartbreak of London.

Landscapes by Larglea Confidential.


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