The Scion, The Bitch and The Garderobe.


The Scion, The Bitch, and The Garderobe.


Scion: shoot or twig of a plant used to form a graft.
Bitch: female canine animal such as a wolf.
Garderobe: a wardrobe, a private room – from French, from ‘garder’ – to keep.

The basis for a novel perhaps, the stuff of myth and legend – mystery, fantasy, dreams.

Green places, green land, woodland, forest, shaded grove. Hilltop fort, cup and ring marked stone, bare moorland overseeing stony shore. Shell-strewn, witness to endless tides bearing gifts of wood, of plastic, of bone.

Some of these lands must have supported wolf, and perhaps bear. In the case of the wolf, may do once more, if some passionate, committed folk have their way. Life, and legend reborn.. into a century never before seen, experienced, lived. Into, perhaps, an independent nation, once again.


Whatever our beliefs or preferences – what is not in question, is that post the Scottish Referendum – there will be a “winning” and a “losing” side. It is without doubt that some will be disappointed.

A twig is being grafted onto a branch, by wolves, and altruists, in the privacy of rooms somewhere in parliament. In our private rooms, we watch, wait, wonder.

I care above all, that in this future for Scotland; these ‘opposing factions’- the ‘winners’ and the ‘losers’ – can be brought to work together for the bright future that is possible for Scotland.

Don’t tell me that this is not possible.


We don’t know. The future hasn’t happened, yet.


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