Flora Britannica


Flora Britannica

After a prolonged absence of some four years or so – I made my way reluctantly over the border from Scotland to England this week. Naturally I wove some photography into the picture.

I paid court to the Royal Collection that is both the source and the core of the British Library, gazing lovingly at it’s glimmering presence through the creamy haze of a morning cappuccino. A dreamily happy couple of hours later – it was time to move on.


Unfortunately there was insufficient time to seek out any more of London’s esoteric cultural treasures.. as my stomach was telling me my throat must have been cut – or why was I so darn hungry?

Fortified by a West Cornwall Company Pasty – unusual brunch I know – but if you have spent sufficient time in Cornwall, the smell of them cooking is irresistible – I made my way to King’s Cross for the train to Cambridge and Ely, to catch up with long-standing friends.


Ely Cathedral in the glow of both evening, and, anticipation of a new, New Zealand Pinot Noir acquired in this small, but beautifully formed town. The drive home to my temporary quarters felt like the flight of an eider duck through low-lying mists hovering above the fens, in a rosy sunset.

The following day we headed for Audley End – a Jacobean property in the care of English Heritage. The weather brightened as we arrived, and the huge facade of the house appeared to advance and retreat through the morning’s haze, across a lawn big enough to house a football stadium.


Further exploration divulged that the present and sufficiently impressive edifice had, at one time been three times the size. At which point I needed further sustenance to recover from the shock. There then occurred the perfect remedy in the form of a walled garden and a glasshouse – and I was off and running with the camera.

Here followeth some colour therapy…


The deep velveteen purple of a hellebore lurking in a victorian fernery, mostly devoid of ferns.


Cloche-covered young vegetables cheerfully shooting for the sun.


Peach blossom against a wall of the glasshouse. Too beautiful for further words.

A wonderful day out with a bit of colour therapy thrown in.

Nothing like it.

Flora Britannica


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