In The Arms Of The Ocean


In The Arms Of The Ocean

It’s a funny old life, whatever age you are.

What people do to each other in reaction to perceived grievances – since the beginning of recorded time – and long before that no doubt.. would seem to indicate a slower than hoped for rate of evolution.


Nature, landscape, and the ocean have always provided shelter from such preoccupations..or diversion from worry, concern, or for some people, despair.

On past-based evidence, nature’s inherent ‘intelligence’ will ensure that our world will outlast us. But – when continent-sized floating islands of discarded and entangled plastic bags are growing faster than supermarket profits – I am, arguably, over-optimistic for the world’s long-term future.


I once heard two elderly women on a bus discussing changes in local weather, which they believed were caused by low-flying fighter jets, based several hundred miles north. The only effect I can vouch for is their welcome distraction from hanging out my washing on a sunny day.


On the other hand, recent changes in weather worldwide do seem to mirror, surprisingly accurately, the dire warnings so ably illustrated by films such as “The Day After Tomorrow”.. and according to some experts – the rate of developments, such as polar ice-cap melt, are out-running original predictions faster than a Usain Bolt of lightening.


Here – a grand-child is about to be born .. I pray that one day, she too, like me, will stand on her front doorstep, and gaze in joy and wonder at the stars over her head – and that, one day, also, we will lie together in the long grass at the edge of the garden, watching the insects go by.. as I once did.. and I’ll watch her grow, sweet and strong. To love this world as fiercely as I do.


Children – grow – and make waves.

In The Arms Of The Ocean.

Title taken from the lyrics of: “Never Let Me Go”
by Florence & The Machine


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