Hole In The Wall


Hole In The Wall

In most situations – something missing from a structure causes failure and breakdown. Or in this case fall down. Here, the drystone wall in question – held together by nothing more than expert placing of the stones, has no problem. It’s overall structural integrity keeps it in place.


Looking at it from a different perspective – on bended knee for example – allows for a fresh view beyond. I began to wonder what the view would be like if I was a very small animal making my way through walls and hedges. So just for fun I took some photo’s from this angle, into the fields not visible from normal head height.


I heard of someone restoring a derelict house with an overgrown garden – whose new hedge boundary turned out to be one of the oldest in the UK, at 1,000 venerable years of age. Home, no doubt to vast numbers of animal foot traffic. What stories could these hedges tell?


New views appeared as if by magic.. shrew’s-eye views I suppose they could be called. Good job the roles are not reversed. I hate to imagine what animals would think of the way we human’s operate sometimes. amazing that we so often throw away the privilege it is to be a human being.. in pursuit of money, power or control. At least out here in the landscape – whether from a shrew, bird, or sheep’s eye view.. all is natural, and – mostly – peaceful in amongst the hedges. Although I’m pretty sure the farmer would report otherwise.


Sometimes the view taken from a different angle can show that the grass is even greener on the other side. In the summer to come I will pick wild gooseberries from the hedge pictured below – as I do every year. I can smell the chutney pickling now.


Berries that were allegedly so named due to their flavorsome affinity with that of goose. No doubt the berries owe their site in the hedge to their flight overhead, and the ‘litter’ they deposited. A very neat symbiosis of bird to plant to bird that I give culinary thanks for every July.


It is lovely to think that my childhood preoccupation with the lives of small animals amongst the hedges has lasted so long.


Even as a child I knew there was something beyond the Hole in The Wall.


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