Missing In Action


Missing In Action

Another phrase that can be used to describe more than it most often indicates..

Ive been “missing in action” here on my blog – firstly, simply due to being in action elsewhere, in the practical and business sense.

Unsurprisingly, life hadn’t held it’s breath while I was away. I responded by hiding from the workload and getting petulant over a bottle of wine, a huge bag of crisps and several films. When I emerged; the workload had turned from black comedy to film-noir.

Ok – time to get a sense of perspective.. along with a sense of responsibility and one of humour, while I’m at it.


Cue dramatic film-score…dundunDUN! Stern talking to self. How about if I actually kept my word to myself??

Go to bed earlier – except when finishing good book/ talking to family in Japan. Exercise every morning – except after too many bananas for breakfast/ in torrential rain. Brew fresh coffee at home – except when receiving invitation to cafe from best friend/J.K.Rowling/Bono.

Eat healthily – except when the doughnuts are fresh and warm from oven.

Write for at least an hour every day – except when you want to carry on all day – in which case order in the doughnuts and put the coffee machine on an economy tariff.

Paint/draw/print something that has me holding my breath, with my tongue between my teeth in excitement… till I forget that I’m still in my pyjamas, till the sun goes down, till I’ve forgotten what food looks like. Till the fridge is empty. Till the local takeaway is about to call the police.


Take on everything with the same verve with which I attack a new recipe; vongole with vodka, chorizo with clams, pappardelle with peas.. soup with squid.. ok I’m making all that up – who cares? Life’s too short not to have fun – especially when it’s at it’s most serious.

If I say I’ll train for something that requires study – and I knew so from the beginning, indeed that was part of the attraction..why be annoyed that that’s what it will take? Doesn’t get much dumber.

When I think I haven’t got the time – phone my kids anyway – so what if it’s not convenient? Make an arrangement to do it later. Oh, the times I’ve not done that. What a waste.


Life is for living.. and for a little while there I was…

Missing In Action.


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  1. largelyhelen says:

    Reblogged this on Largely Confidential and commented:

    I was about to write this and then I realised I’d already written it. So with a few edits – this is how it is.

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