Hopefully, There’ll Be Doughnuts

Hopefully, There’ll Be Doughnuts


At the beginning (my beginning) I wish I’d known that happiness lay in the moments, not the major chunks of life. Except that finding this out is probably the only lesson we were ‘meant’ to learn .. which would have kinda’ defeated the object of it all.


Given that life, by definition, is lived in the moment only.. and not as our heads would have it – out there in a future as yet unlived,; or in a past on perpetual reflux, like a bad meal – I have learnt to value fragments of the unlikeliest days.


Warmed by tea on the doorstep, daffodils the colour of breakfast egg yolks – I thought how suddenly security can turn to instability. Moments in time are the actual fabric of happiness – fabric woven of the weft of family and friends; and the warp of passing time and circumstance.


Happiness is not a destination.. it’s the journey. I have no idea what wisdom is – I suspect I’m well short of the necessary measure – I only know that we should enjoy every rare moment of peace, plenty, joy, laughter and freedom. Not ours by expectation or by right – we earn them by our willingness to create them in the first place.


Above all by our willingness to admit (and not just in our heads) to our desire, our vulnerability, our needs, our mistakes. Failure is accumulated experience on a path to wisdom.


I continue to believe that at the end of the journey is a really great pot of coffee – shared with someone I can’t wait to meet again.

I hope it takes place in a garden full of daffodils.

Hopefully, There’ll Be Doughnuts.


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