The Blue Afternoon


The Blue Afternoon

A few days of unusually foggy weather laid a shroud over countryside normally displaying more in the way of colour choice than Monet’s paint palette. Suddenly – today – grey morning became blue afternoon. The transformation was as welcome as it was sudden. Aborting a plan to head home and bake, I turned toward the coast with a trigger-happy camera finger.


I remember a friend of my father’s saying he liked any colour as long as it was blue.. and it was hard, today, to disagree. Blues have a way of either setting other colours off to perfection; or eclipsing them altogether.


Clouds drift across sky the colour of sapphires. Small pools of water, collecting in hollows in a field, reflect a trio of contented sheep. Motorbikes buzz by, fired up by bored riders eager to head into the blue.


Backlit by blinding flares of evening sun – a simple gate, and the silhouettes of two sheep shape a photograph into an etching.


Through landscape and water, pulling on our blue-suede shoes, painting our blue-periods, wearing denim, singing the blues… it’s an unforgettable colour.

Who hasn’t chased a blue horizon into the next valley, over a hilltop, round a headland, hoping to prove it really was THAT blue?


On an afternoon like this – who could stay blue for long?

The Blue Afternoon

(Title poached from a favourite book by William Boyd with thanks).


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