Hey Pesto!

Hey Pesto!


The natural world here – out there on the ground (pun-intended) seems currently to reflect my mood. Warm, happy and relaxed.

This afternoon’s sunshine warranted shedding several layers of clothing and a lovely hour with a coffee in the sun – at a cafe I used to frequent, but have been avoiding for reasons that have begun to bore me. So today I went back and thoroughly enjoyed m’self …until torrential rain and hailstorms arrived a month late. Did’nt they know it’s May already?


The wild woodland garlic has started to appear. Soon there’ll be swathes of it everywhere, along with it’s smell; an injunction to get cooking, if ever there was one.

Happily for me.. and now you, if it is of interest .. I have a great friend from whom I can pass on the recipe for Wild Garlic Pesto. The ingredients are washed wild garlic leaves, extra virgin olive oil, Maldon (or your favourite brand of) sea salt, a couple of handfuls of cashew nuts, and coarse ground black pepper. Put the leaves in a blender and blitz – briefly – till they don’t take up so much room. Add the salt, pepper, and nuts and blend till it looks like pesto – not too long as the garlic breaks down quickly. Now add a good glug of the olive oil using a funnel to drizzle it in while blending. This is exceptionally good (I can personally testify) in pasta, and positively sinful rubbed into roast lamb before it hits the oven.


What is it that makes the words ‘glug’ and ‘drizzle’ so satisfying to write? Bizaare. I’m easily pleased.

Said recipe is available by viewing my friend Kat Emtage’s blog: ashgrovekitchen.blogspot.com.
Kat is sweet, funny, warm and generous; and happens to be married to my other close friend Mark. He of cocktail-inventing fame – whose creations I enjoy naming in lengthy tasting-sessions. Unsurprisingly, the names get less intelligible, but funnier (well, we think so) as the session rolls on. Next session: this coming Tuesday. Edinburgh beware.


I should mention that Kat is a rising star of the handmade handbag world – her beautiful Harris-Tweed products are available widely; and her growing following is well-deserved. Google Katherine Emtage and you’ll find luscious pics of design-led Scottish Tweed bags, purses, accessories and homewares online.. wonderfully evoking the beautiful colours of our beloved landscape, and a ‘useful’ homage to our revered textile tradition. If ya hadnae guessed – I’m a fan.

Neatly thus I combine lazy afternoon sunshine with a bit of what working, living and playing in Scotland ( in my case in Dumfries and Galloway) is all about.

This blog does what it promises on the tin. Hey Pesto!

You’re welcome.

Love, Helen


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