Still Waters Run Deep

Still Waters Run Deep


Serious stuff. Gotta reputation to keep up ya know.

What reputation? That of interspersing posts – of such ‘serious nature’ that they ought to be wearing a bow tie, while reading the Times Literary Supplement, and wearing a monocle… with posts of such insubstantial banality that even I wouldn’t blame you for choking on your type-and-smoke-it.

Enough of matters that only I find funny…

Still Waters Run Deep.. They do indeed.. and not just in our rivers or estuaries. I remember once when working in a garden centre many years ago, remarking to the boss how quiet and unassuming a particular customer was. “He seems like he wouldn’t say boo to a goose..?”


Still Waters Run Deep .. “he’s ex SAS”.. said the boss. Suitably admonished, I wondered what the ex-soldier must have had to deal with in his life. As I have wondered about nearly all of the people I’ve met to date (when opportunity affords me the time).

Appearances are deceptive (clearly this post will be making frequent use of cliche and generalisation – they have a life of their own you know). Noisy, seemingly confident people are often not. Serious and studious types turn out to have a wicked sense of humour. Pale, sickly looking teenagers are possessed of supreme confidence when you put them on a stage. Large, healthy ones quake in the presence of a minute spider. It’s pointless to assume you ‘know’ someone based on your assessment of their appearance.

The very recent and well-deserved winner of the often ridiculed and maligned Eurovision Song Contest.. is a case in point. She is wonderfully graceful. Her popularity transcends judgement.. and that is a phrase I very much enjoyed writing. Still Waters do indeed Run Deep.


I hope, beyond all hope that this indicates a warmth in human nature that can be fanned into a flame of world-wide goodwill. I’m serious.

That’s my hope for 2014.

So I’m a romantic. Go figure.



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