These Lazy, Hazy Days Of Summer

These Lazy, Hazy Days Of Summer


Taking sudden exception to the hustle and bustle in one of my local cafes this morning – I had my americano swapped to a takeaway cup, and headed west to read in peace.


Somewhere on down the road .. this horse was in the same mood. I was in good company.

Which is hilarious – because I ended up sharing a terrace with two bus-drivers hell-bent on dissecting their company’s complaints system in full bias toward the driver; and they didn’t care who heard.


I didn’t care either – I had arguably, the best view in SW Scotland, a large coffee, and was about to shop for plants, home-made baking, and second-hand books in Scotland’s most famous book town – all within a 25 minute drive from home, and in advance of an afternoons roamin’ about the countryside on a photo shoot for my new webpage “Shooting The Light Fantastic”. It’s in it’s infancy – but hey, you gotta start somewhere.


The lovely old town, Wigtown, has a very special flavour. It’s got the hip/bohemian flavour of a Glastonbury, and a town hall that wouldn’t, architecturally speaking, disgrace a proud French provincial town. It has a wide main street with a lovely park at the centre, overlooked by keen and learned literary businesses fostering a thriving social, cultural and artistic scene.


Gradually my Saturday bonhomie returned, and – like the horse – I emerged from the undergrowth.

At the weekly Saturday market I bought two enormous pieces of home-made quiche for £4 – one for the freezer and one for my picnic.. along with some bread that could have been painted by Vermeer, but tastier. I’m going back asap for one of the gorgeous woven woollen blankets – which I’ve only hitherto seen in very expensive hi-falutin catalogues, for the new guest bedroom here.


All of this is incidental however to the town’s setting – atop a small hill, overlooking an estuary populated by thousands of wild birds and NO humans. The town’s crowning glory is it’s 360% view across Wigtonshire, and across to Dumfries and Galloways hill-ranges. A panoramic 180%, 45 mile stretch that has my heart beating faster than I can breathe .. around which the weather changes often enough for the keenest photographer.. and ideal viewing for a picnic.

Tucking away a fair piece of quiche .. and the latest addition to my second-hand cookery book collection.. it’s time to get back on the road less travelled.


I love These Lazy, Hazy Days Of Summer.


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