Last Past The Post

Last Past The Post


Well – I wouldn’t win any prizes for keeping you post-ed this month. All I’ll say is I have been accused, not without foundation – in the past – of living life vicariously through the lens of a camera.

This last month I left the camera behind (all photos via mobile phone) and simply – lived.. and I must say there is something to be said for it. I met new people, found new enchanting places ..and got to know several folk of shorter acquaintance, a whole lot better.

Not to mention meeting new members of the family.. this is Mollie, Collie cross Beagle –
new adopted “grandchild” in the Irish side of the family and already making her mark, literally. It’s lovely to think that this cheeky, but very obedient pup is to be part of the family for many years to come ..and will no doubt be a great companion for her new human ‘brother’ to be born in September.



I visited villages of model proportions, set within misty mountain ranges on wide pink-sand estauries..


Which gave way to trees, seemingly carved to seat a large troll.. plants in competition with the buildings to cheer up the misty day.


Leaving behind Wales’ lovely vistas ..


It wasn’t long before it was time to head to Ireland to help renovate my daughter’s new house. First stop..


My daughter emerged uncharacteristically ashen-faced ..and her partner emerged victorious, after a fantastically entertaining night of demonstration/exhibition/comedic ..and ultimately, fiercely competitive boxing.

He’s just a big softie really. Yeah, right.


Anyhow.. thanks to the beautiful house in the Mourne Mountains (one view from which below) I had a productive time stripping wallpaper with my 7 months pregnant daughter (high-five Loz) AND a great holiday. By-product is I came home half a stone lighter, with muscles in places for which I’d lost the GPS co-ordinates. So proving the recovery of my damaged right hand…Sshh.. don’t tell anyone..busy enough already.


All good things have to come to a close however.. so it’s back to the starting blocks for me. One last image of Ireland to close with..

With a new found sense of adventure, I’ll visit Wales and Ireland again as soon as I can. In the meantime this image was..


.. Last Past The Post


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