Easy Rider

Easy Rider


There have been times when life felt like an easy ride.. not in the sense of getting by or taking things for granted.. in the sense that – within the family – there was no ‘trouble’ afoot, or illness, or hardship. At that time.

The longer I live, the more I realise that those moments are fleeting, that happiness is often as accidental, as it is deserved.


Thus – when I have it I now (slow-learner in several areas) realise that it is there to be lived at that particular time. Duh?? What I mean by that is that happiness – the awareness of it – is so often displaced right then, in the present, by our perceived duty to the future. By the laundry bag, the dishes in the sink, the school run, the dinner, the lack of money, time, energy. By the phone ringing or not. By the catalogue contained within our heads – of our own, or of others, perceived faults or failures.

How many, many times have we tried to recall the exact way we felt when we were “really” happy? It can’t be done. Memory is a wonderful thing; but an inadequate replacement for life itself. For living in the moment.


Be yourself when you know you are happy.. throw your arms in the air, whoop and holler at the seagulls (they will do it back). Sing out loud, and tell the world you love it.. till it answers back on the wind.

These moments will never return in quite the same guise.

So as the song says: Now I shout it from the highest hill.. even told the golden daffodils.

Now .. you tell ’em.

But before you go – after a hard or an easy ride – you have to remember to get back on the bike 🙂

Easy Rider



Dedicated to my daughter Lauren and her partner Vinnie; and their baby son, Jaxon – to be born in just a few months now.
July 2014


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