Or..on the subject of making happy discoveries by accident.


Here’s to finding the most unexpected things.. in letting life flow. Like having your companion surprise you, with a visit to a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery deep in the natural sanctuary of Eksdalemuir, near Langholm, in Dumfries and Galloway.

Life events often lead us and our choices in surprising directions, with results that couldn’t possibly have been predicted, or understood from up close, at the time.


It’s easy to find castles in the air..that on closer inspection turn out to be prisons with formidable defences.


A windblown tree, here on an Irish hillside, is no mere tree.. long venerated as a family’s good-luck talisman against fate.


A beautiful reflection in a tranquil pond can appear a mere narcissus..


Until, turning a corner, you find that in reality, he is truly beautiful.


In amongst the cow parsley, a raised pool appears as though a slab of iced cake on a hill of green tea.


It’s time to make our way over the bridge, almost hidden in the maze of foliage silhouetted on it’s island home.


Via a bee busy in the afternoon sun, transforming pollen to propolis and honey for our delectation.


We even managed to find out who had stolen all the doughnuts..

Following our noses in the pursuit of nothing but time spent enjoying life..
Serendipity delivered the goods.


(Most photos taken at the Kagyu Sameye Ling Monastery, Scotland.
With thanks).


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Designer, photographer, writer.
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