Move On Down The Road

Move On Down The Road


It’s surely a universal experience to be suddenly – mentally – assailed by the question:- “Where the hell am I ..and what am I supposed to be doing?”

I stopped to take a photo of this night sky a few miles from home, recently, and took a moment or two to think. Dangerous. The thinking; not the parking spot into which I pulled.


Too late to do little more than recover my senses – I postponed the thinking till the morrow – and took the low road home.

Now, sat in a favourite cafe.. I revisit the moment back there.

At, what occurs as, a very new, exciting time in life.. two new nephews, two new grandchildren .. and other very welcome developments; life and the future look interesting at the very least. So why the existential moment on the road?


With – as we all have – many sets of circumstances to juggle, many promises to keep and commitments to honour- it can seem that I’m suspended in mid-air as though on a motorway flyover. I look down on all choices/ possibilities/impacts and consequences as though Formula 1 racing drivers were demonstrating an intricate set of intertwining manouvres in slow-motion below.

It doesn’t seem possible to pull it all off safely..not to spectacularly crash and burn in a blaze of story. (Glory would be too far-fetched in this scenario).

Then – amidst the chaos of my imagining my future incapacity to juggle all that life is conjuring up.. I suddenly get it. The beautiful night sky had merely thrown me a lifeline. A moment to wander through the marvels showing up, the chances to be taken, the new and wonderful relationships to be nurtured and explored, people to be loved.

No middle-of-the-road experience this. This is a time to screech to a halt, park safely, put on the brakes..

and revel in the wonder of it all.


Only then shall I.. Move On Down The Road.

Move On Down The Road 2014


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