Wired for Light

Wired For Light

Some people are wired for sound; some seek heat or cold, some seek the company of others, the thrill of risk. I’m wired for light. You could say the same of most photographers or artists. For me – it’s an ingredient for happiness.


I’m easy ( & inexpensive) to please. My family and most friends would know that in the rare instances I’m unwell – and the even rarer instances I’m ‘down’ – all that’s needed to affect an uplift in my spirits is a glimpse of light on water.


So when a friend suggested meeting in Portpatrick on the west coast of Scotland, 60 or so miles from Larglea – after a trying week in which I had to have a very young cat put down – I didn’t need asking twice. I had a photo ‘shoot’ to do to fulfill on a request, and a gap in my archive to fill.

2014-07-28 21.41.55

Portpatrick has already provided many photo’s sunrise to sunset. This time I was content to photograph a photographer, setting up to do the same.

Both of us content – to simply be out here..

..Wired For Light


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