Striking Accord

Striking Accord

Today, in a world where accord is sorely (painfully) missing – except in the individuals and organisations who work tirelessly and bravely, through generations, to bring about peace where there is none – to keep alive hope, where there is none.. words seem inadequate. Here we can enjoy the garden and the wider landscape – very much aware that those in war-zones cannot, even, do this – for solace or comfort.


Visitors from abroad have made good use of the house and garden this year – and we have had a very fair share of the wonderful weather which the UK has enjoyed. Naturally the plants and their dependent wildlife have benefited.

Floral Garden

We have a nest of young swifts at the window of a guest bedroom currently occupied by three young (human) visitors from Italy. All are under the intense scrutiny of Ika the teenage cat. Her purpose is not one of play. I must watch for fledging time and ‘imprison’ the prospective marauder. If only protecting the young from danger – worldwide – were as simple.

Dillon the young terrier is enjoying a high old time with the three young visitors, who are delightfully polite with me, and equally boisterous with him. I think he is waiting in anticipation of his evening playtime – when they return from their day’s travels around Dumfries and Galloway.


It is a very family-friendly area in which to live and holiday – with rarely enough time to take in the huge skies and landscapes, and the many activities on offer.
Time not being as flexible or expansive as other commodities in life.. and certainly not a commodity which we can ever get back.


I do not know what it is like to live in a war-zone. I can however imagine what parents are going through when even the tiniest form of comfort or even the basic necessity of life – peace in which to give your children the safety of your love – is unavailable.
On far too widespread a scale for a supposedly ‘ intelligent and developed race of beings” – others do not have even that ‘luxury’.

My own failures, and faults I would share with you willingly (and boringly) over a large whisky.. I do not claim to have never caused dischord amongst my family and friends. It is very easy, perhaps naive, and no doubt annoying, to hear me – and others – speak of peace from the beauty and safety of this lovely part of the world.

But if we dont give voice – all together till the clamour for peace overides the sound of the guns..when will we ever strike accord?


Striking Accord.


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