Bolt From The Blue

Bolt From The Blue


Like a bolt from the blue into soft tarmac .. I was idly and happily reading a crit’ of a new book recently .. and suddenly time warped.

The reviewer talked of the book’s subject and characters, living in the 1970’s..”a decade of simple, hedonistic pleasure”.

2014-08-05 11.46.08

Beginning the 70’s at age 14, lost in a world competing to people-please.. and ending the decade aged 24 in my first job still lost in a world of people-pleasing .. it’s no wonder I remember it as a very unsettling time. I ended up with an identity that was a cross between a pixie and a headmistress.. and I’ve noticed I’m trying to do it again. The people-pleasing bit. Not being a pixie.

2014-08-01 22.34.59#1

Clearly it wasn’t where I was supposed to be… as the 70’s were intended for freedom, and all sorts of fun and games of which I was seemingly unaware. Which would explain why I felt out of place while all around me seemed cool and chilled about events I found puzzling. I look back and wonder. This was one of the last times in my generation where there was – almost – a guarantee of a job at the end of study. So how is it I managed to worry about it anyway?

I must have been living in a time-warp. I ‘missed’ a whole decade. Hilarious! While others were partying in their smocks and loons, I was reading – about french-impressionists and the victorian obsession with fairies – at the bottom of a garden somewhere. (Same as now).

2014-08-01 22.36.23#1

Oh well.. nothing to do, nowhere to get. A lost decade? Well, I could take on re-living it now.

A late rebel to the party. Funny as Hel(en).

2014-08-02 13.59.17#1

Even if life is a serious business; it’s never too late to stop taking it too seriously.

Bolt From The Blue.


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