To Be Continued

2014-08-13 17.24.25

To Be Continued

The longer you stick around, the more obvious it is that life quite often wears a mask.
It knowingly, or unknowingly disguises itself as something other than who, or what, it at first appears to be.


An opportunity can show up as exciting as a sudden storm of fireworks..and fall to earth like a damp squib. Or start with a slow burn; till sparks fly in a storm of electric excitement. That’s the nature of opportunity – any opportunity. Taking a risk – not knowing the outcome – is the nature of the beast. Sometimes the beast becomes a beauty. Sometimes the reverse. Whatever transpires along the way – is living.

2014-08-15 10.58.46

Beauty and the beast – hand in hand. No tale for the telling without the darkness to show up the light.

A threatening sky looses heavy rain onto warm roads – steam rising. I shelter under a chestnut tree on the outskirts of a hamlet consisting, at first glance, of two cottages and a tennis court. In the middle of nowhere.

I am lured by the beautiful light into a glade. Which is not a glade. A stone structure is hidden in the trees.

2014-08-15 11.26.19

Remnant of a tower? Encircling it on foot, I trip and stumble on the remains of a wall below ground – disguised by roots, and ferns, and fallen stone. Looking up there is a clearing – what looks like an area that was once an enclosed space. Whether indoor or out – I can’t tell.

Stepping onto a thick carpet of fallen leaves gathered under the trees alerts a heron to flight. I watch, as in slow-motion, the heron takes off vertically and I realise that the glade is edged with reeds – and there is water, more water beyond.


Tracking my way to the water’s edge I feel the ground bounce slightly like a dance floor. I feel like dancing too.

I am nowhere I have ever been before..


..and yet, others have.

Who was here? How will this weave itself into MY story?

Only one thing’s for sure:-

Life is..

To Be Continued.


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Designer, photographer, writer.
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